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My portrait photography is all about creating portraits of yourself that you will absolutely love. I love music and have attracted a great number of fantastic musician over the last decade.

This post features a complete session with the very talented Hannah May. A young country singer from San Francisco who now lives in Nashville. Hannah does truly stands out with her fresh genuine voice.

Nashville Country Musician

Nashville Country Musician

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This photo shoot was truly fun. The EOS Ensemble performs an April Fools concert on April 1st and they needed a fun photograph that would advertise the event. As a Passionate Portrait Photographer this is what I live for. A session in a perfect setting where everybody has fun, is playful and at the same time I am fully appreciated as photographic artist. As a German immigrant I do love how this little section of San Francisco feels almost like it could have been captured in Europe. The building in the foreground is the SF Opera with the San Francisco City Hall in the background .

While filming the documentary “Summer of Love” in 2002, I had the pleasure to stay half a day with Grace Slick’s at her beautiful mansion in Malibu, CA. Since photography is my primary field I took many photographs in the process. I was especially impressed and delighted by her art work. She also has a thing for white rabbits and had many great things to say.

Grace Slick, March 2002

Do you want to take the red pill or the blue pill?

The most important message that Grace shared in the interview was: “We were wrong about the drugs!”




San Francisco


This photo featuring Olga Ortenberg-Rakitchenkov (Principal Harp – SF Opera) and Craig Reiss (Principal Violin – SF Ballet Orchestra). They gave an amazing performance at the Legion of Honor yesterday. Photographed with an iPhone4s.

Chamber Music at the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA

Enjoy chamber music as it was meant to be heard: in the intimate setting of the Florence Gould Theater in one of the city’s most beautiful museums.

The Legion of Honor features weekly concerts in an truly artistic environment.