Burning Man 2014 Portraits

This year I will provide free playa portrait mini sessions again. If you are looking for your 2014 playa portrait you have come to the right place. You will find your portrait here a few 2-3 weeks after the burn.

Portrait at Pier 2 - The Derelict, Burning Man 2012

Portrait at Pier 2 The Derelict, Burning Man 2012

Love and Light

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Burning Man 2013

One of my highlights every year (for the last 12 years) has been attending the Burning Man Festival in Blackrock City, Nevada. Blackrock City – named after the desert the city is located at – is the 3rd largest city in Nevada for one incredible week surrounding Labour Day. This year about 68000 people attended. Burning Man never fails to have my jaw drop at the incredible creativity that it’s attendants express for the sake of art and radical self expression.











One of the ten principles at Burning Man is “Leave no Trace”. Have you ever attended a street festival in what “Burners” call the default world (the world we all live in) ? The amount of garbage is usually mind boggling. While Blackrock City does not have a single public trash can, you have to look very careful anywhere to find the tiniest amount of trash.

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Vivi Nantel: Portrait Session for YOGA Magazine

Vivian Nantel

This beautiful portrait of Vivi is best described by Vivian herself:

Wow! Stefanie is such an amazing, creative, and very talented photographer! “Une artiste par excellence!” Despite the freezing weather on Rodeo beach at the Marin Headlands in Marin county, and the 30 knots wind chill blowing in my face, and an allergic reaction in my right eye, we were not only able to overcome the challenges but succeed in such a beautiful, grandiose and artistic way. The stunning images Stefanie captured of me are eternal and ethereal just as I had dreamt of.

Stefanie was able to catch a glimpse of my soul and the Divine within me. I have worked with many great photographers over the decades, but I must confess Stefanie is the best! I love very much her work, and working with her. I highly recommend her, and will use her services again in the future. She is such a sweetheart and a beautiful soul. And it is also very pleasant working with her. Stefanie listens to you, and she is opened to work with you as a team. The synergy and dynamics between us is just Divine. Kudos for Stefanie! You are passionate, and a master of your work! And that shows.

Vivianne Nantel, artist, mystic, author, writer, poet, and yogini


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San Francisco Newborn Photography: Sabrina 11 Days

newborn bay photography

Sabrina - 11 Days

Do you remember Mark and Milena? (You can find both their engagement session as well as their wedding on my FaceBook Fan Page and this Blog.)

Now a year later I had the privilege to photograph their newborn baby: Sabrina. Sabrina was just 11 days old the day of the newborn session at Marks and Milena’s home in San Francisco. Babies this young are very special because they are still used to being in Moms womb and therefore do not mind being handled. They just like it warm and cozy and still sleep most of the time.

I highly encourage  to set up a newborn baby session in the first few days of your babies life. After 2 weeks your baby will start to cry a lot more and also often goes through a phase known as newborn or baby acne. Another reason to do a session this early is that is just so cute to have a little being that you can savely cradle in your palms.

This session was held at the clients home. The other option is to hold a newborn session is at my photography studio in Redwood City.


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EOS Ensemble in front of the San Francisco Opera House

This photo shoot was truly fun. The EOS Ensemble performs an April Fools concert on April 1st and they needed a fun photograph that would advertise the event. As a Passionate Portrait Photographer this is what I live for. A session in a perfect setting where everybody has fun, is playful and at the same time I am fully appreciated as photographic artist. As a German immigrant I do love how this little section of San Francisco feels almost like it could have been captured in Europe. The building in the foreground is the SF Opera with the San Francisco City Hall in the background .

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